What I Want for You

People continually ask me how I can do this work, listening to people’s traumas, issues and problems. The following note from a client who is a domestic violence survivor really touches me and answers that question. I have her permission to print it.

Dearest Zora:
Upon the advice of a friend, I came to you in January of this year [2008] broken, diminished, and in despair. Today, I feel stronger, more empowered and resilient than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. This is in large part, of course, due to your gift of therapy. Thank you for helping to put me back together again.  M.

I, of course, did not put M. back together. She did the work and I am deeply honored that she allowed me to accompany her on her healing journey, and to be able to provide the safe space for her to do so.

I would be equally honored to provide the safe space and to accompany you on your healing journey.



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